Plus is more.

Our name is no coincidence and stands for what we stand for. Uncomplicated, connecting, advantageous: A plus creates connections and good results.

β›°From Davos to the world: a vision without borders.

We wanted an agency that is different: Down-to-earth, but with a network that is at home all over the world. So we just did it. Partners from various disciplines, globally selected specifically for the customer, are put together and coordinated for individual projects or even for a longer term – this makes comprehensive best-in-class solutions in corporate quality also accessible to customers who otherwise have far fewer options.

At +Anton, we always have the summit in view and therefore carry it in our logo.

πŸͺ’We believe that the true value of our work lies in the connections we make – between people, brands, and markets.

For us, the Plus is more than just a sign. It is a commitment to positive results, to the power of cooperation, and to the constant search for added value in every project. At +Anton, collaboration takes place on an equal footing in order to reach new heights together.

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🌍A network that breaks boundaries

Thanks to a global network of highly experienced experts we can provide you with on site service everywhere in the world and maintaining a single point of contact: +Anton. In this way, cultures, ideas and expertise merge into a powerful unit that makes unique perspectives and unconventional solutions possible.

πŸ†Best-in-class for all

+Anton makes outstanding marketing quality easily accessible to all companies, regardless of size or industry. With our global alliance of specialists, this becomes possible - tailored, efficient, and effective.

πŸ’ŽMarketing is more with us

Successful marketing considers a customer experience in its entirety and as part of the product. Whether it’s light architecture, websites, or a brand relaunch: +Anton brings companies and brands to the top with all-round solutions.