Made exactly for you.

You, your company and your brand are always at the center of everything at +Anton. Regardless of your company size or industry. We are here to listen, to understand, and to help with the right solutions to seize opportunities and mastering challenges. For this, we combine the precision of a Swiss watchmaker with the knowledge of local experts at a world-class level.

With clarity to success.

When competition challenges the status quo, it can quickly become a race for innovation and differentiation. At +Anton, we understand that this dynamic can pose special challenges for you. We offer you the peace and clarity you need to make well-founded decisions based on a deep understanding of your market and your target group. We are here to help you not only keep pace, but to move forward and thus be prepared for current, as well as for future challenges.

🌍Local know-how and global perspective

By combining local expertise with a global perspective, we develop solutions that make your company more resilient and at the same time better able to exploit growth opportunities.

🧬Tailored for you.

At +Anton, it's not just solutions that are individually high-quality, but also our setup, optimized for you, your requirements and goals - and with less marketing gobbledygook.

Your way to the top with +Anton

  1. Where do you stand? Together we identify the situation and opportunities.
  2. What do you want to achieve? Together we clearly define your goal.
  3. Which way to go? We find tailored and flexible solutions.
  4. Are we there yet? Optimize, if necessary.